Type B mechanic

There is something fraught

about temporary relationships, like those contracts between, say, a mechanic and the owner of a vehicle. None is more fraught than the relationship between a woman and a Type B mechanic.

Indulge me: your Type A mechanic is efficient, courteous and maintains a demeanour energised by an eagerness to serve and co-operate. It is a pleasure to hand your money over to this contractor.

By contrast, from the moment a woman drives into Type B mechanic’s automotive workshop and parks her car, always in the wrong place, Type B mechanic is armed, loaded and cocked for the power struggle in the gender war that is about to erupt. Type B mechanic permits nothing less than a complete surrender as the only grounds of engagement in the repairer/client contract with a woman. Beware all who venture beyond this point: this is a playing field of absolute winners and losers, where the contests are feisty and involve subtle psychological taunts aimed at vanquishing the opponent in a handful of opening intimidatory moves.

Type B mechanic believes in some apparent natural law that says a woman cannot understand mechanical engineering, corner a vehicle, let alone reverse-park. The assumption is that a woman’s predisposition to ‘being emotional’ bars her grasp of machines, and the only place for a female in a mechanics’ workshop is in a pictorial calendar.

Micromanaging Type B mechanic is impossible. If you are cost-conscious and want to make informed decisions about money spent on your car, keep shopping for your Type A mechanic. You will immediately feel the powerful, positive energy flows of water and wind on encountering Type A. There will be relief and renewal, and when you see the bikini-clad chick on the calendar in type A’s office you may even find yourself enjoying the celebration of female beauty.



~ by aspergine on February 10, 2010.

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